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Don’t Repeal…Repair!

Today, the Republicans in the House started their debates about the “job-destroying” health care bill.  Since the town hall debates last year, the Republicans have done everything in their power to block and fear-monger the Affordable Health Care Act into submission.  Since the President made this bill one of his priorities it’s not surprising that the Republicans tried to stop this bill from getting signed.

However, and I honestly looked for this so if I missed anything please email me or leave a comment, the Republicans have offered nothing even remotely better…nothing…nada.

As for the so called “job-destroying” part, a  recently released report from the Congressional Budget Office states that the figures used by the GOP to claim that the bill is “job-destroying” is not all that accurate.  It seems that the GOP is toying around with the statistics to make it look like a huge job loss, when in fact it will save some jobs and even grow jobs in the health care industry.  To me, that really doesn’t sound like “job-destroying”…

A recent report by the Department of Health and Human Services has stated that anywhere between 50 and 129 million people have preexisting conditions and would either lose their health insurance or would be unable to get health insurance.  Even at the low end, that is one-fifth of the entire population of non-elderly Americans who would not be able to take care of their basic health needs.  Just by keeping the Act as law, one out of every five Americans under the age of 65 who would not be able to get any health care insurance because of such conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, or even pregnancy can get coverage and stay on their medications.

Another aspect of the Affordable Health Care Act is that children under the age of 26 can be kept on their parents health care plans, even if the child is no longer living at home as long as they do not get health insurance from their employer.  This can be a huge relief to parents who send their children off to college out-of-state.  They can rest easier knowing that if they need to see a doctor, its just a simple visit (and co-pay) away.  Another benefit is that the insurance companies cannot jack up costs or limit coverage.

There are other good portions of the Affordable Health Care Act such as helping seniors in the Medicare “donut hole” with their prescriptions, helping small businesses with tax breaks to cover their employees, and in the future the health care exchanges that will cover millions and lower costs across the board.

Now, the Republicans have stated that “ObamaCare” is nothing more than a tax on the wealthy who can afford the “Cadillac Health Care Plans”, and even with that tax the Act is not revenue neutral and will end up costing the taxpayers billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs (being a “job-destroying” health care bill).  There are also statements that abortions will be funded under ObamaCare, which has upset those who are pro-life.  They are also saying that the requirement that every American much purchase health care is unconstitutional.

I will be the first one to stand up and say that the Affordable Health Care Act is far from perfect.  I know without a doubt that there are a lot of things that can be done to make it better, but there is a lot of good in the bill and repealing it will hurt far more than keeping it as law.  How about instead of repealing the bill, that both sides sit down and try to make it better.  I know that there are good people with good ideas on both sides of the aisle, so how about they work together on making this bill better and stop the partisan politics.  Since the shootings in Tuscan there have been positive steps in getting rid of the partisan divide.  I present to both side a change to move those positive steps forward and help millions of Americans as well.

What do you think.  Do you see the Affordable Health Care Act as a positive first step in making health care available for everyone, or do you see “ObamaCare” as nothing more than a liberal take over of our country.  Tell me what you think…


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