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GOP didn’t get the message

While I was reading the newspaper over breakfast, I read about what the GOP have been working on since they took over the House. In the past month or so they have been busy, but not on what they were sent to do.

I never considered the change of power in the House to be a “mandate” but more of a message that it’s time to change the focus to jobs, the economy, and the deficit. So far, besides attempting to repeal the so-called “job-killing” health care bill (which more and more Americans actually want to see stay in place, just changed), their so-called “important mission” has been to send three bills to the floor to further limit abortions, all of which do nothing but restrict a woman’s reproductive rights.

When the Republicans took over, even though I was against it, I was hopeful for events similar to when President Clinton lost his Congressional majority. I thought that this would give the GOP a desire to actually work with the Democrats instead of blocking everything. However, in the past 39 days of GOP control, there has been zero activity on helping Americans get back to work. No mention of any program or bill to encourage businesses to hire.  No mention of anything that will help Americans who are already out of work or to help those who are out of unemployment.  No mention of anything except the usual “culture war” that the Conservatives have waged for decades.

Speaker Boehner, your “Plan For America” is nothing more than the same old Conservative Crap that has been tried and has failed since the Reagan years. You and your “mandate” was nothing more than a smoke screen to hurt a President you do not like and to stop his policies that are honestly good for this country.

Since 1948 it has been the domestic and economic policies of the Republican party to make the richer even more richer, at the full expense of the middle and lower classes.  The Democrats have been accused time and time again of being “distributors of wealth”, when it is really the GOP who are completely at fault for doing so.  The GOP do not care about the economy, job creation, health care, or even the deficit.  The only thing the GOP care about is making themselves richer at the cost of everything and everyone.  Over the past decade or so they have perfected their spin machine, their ability to give out false information, and in doing so have done the American public a great disservice.

I know there are some good Republicans and some smart members of the Tea Party who really want to see positive change and do not play partisan politics.  They want to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats in order to make a better America.  The problem is that their voices are being drowned out by partisan politics, the right wing spin machine, and the continual pushing of the same domestic and cultural policies the GOP have pushed for years.

Reaganomics and “trickle-down economics” was shown to be an abject failure, yet the GOP since President G.W. Bush pushed the same upper end tax breaks that were one cause for the deficits we’re experiencing now as well as not being any help in a ten year period of the economy shedding millions of jobs.  The same President Bush led us into two wars, one of which was completely based on false intelligence, that has not only helped to bring us to the economic ruin we are in now but has also tarnished our international reputation as well.  Even though we are over two years since the end of the Bush Presidency, it will take us much more than two years of sound economic policy in order to get us out of the hole we are in.

Unless there is a fundamental shift in the way the GOP governs, I do not see anything positive coming out of Washington in the next several years.  The GOP obviously did not get the message that was handed to them on Election Day 2010.  They do not see or understand the real issues that need to be addressed today.  The blocking of all the sound economic policies during the 111th Congress and the policies that they are putting forth since they have taken over have only shown to me, and hopefully to the American people, that the GOP do not have any interest in solving our problems.

What is your take on the situation?  Do you see the GOP pushing any policies or programs of substance or are they still waging the same economic and cultural wars of the past several decades.  Let me know at fapolitics@gmail.com or post your thoughts in the comments.

I want to hear what you think and what you have to say.


  1. John David Galt
    February 12, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    Here I somewhat agree. The Republicans owe their gains this election to the Tea Party and should heed its message that cutting back the size, budget, and powers of the federal government is Job #1. (And therefore, they should stop getting sidetracked by issues where they’ve already permanently lost (social conservatism) or which are just plain unimportant issues (illegal immigration).)

    The leaders of the GOP, however, are still effectively appointed by its largest money donors, and the issues they care about are exactly the ones I’ve named as sidetracking. Therefore, a large number of Republicans, including several who ran “Tea Party” campaigns, are not going to listen to us (meaning Tea Party voters) and will need to be thrown out in 2012.

    The point being: what’s going on now is nothing less than an attempted hostile takeover of the Republican Party. So please think twice about whom you blame things on.

  2. Frank Vicari
    February 12, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I agree that the Tea Party is trying to take over the Republican Party. They do have some important ideas and issues that need to be considered by all sides, and that the leadership of the Republican Party have done very little to acknowledge them.

    The main point of my post is that they were given the majority because the electorate thought they would do the important things I mentioned (reduce the deficit, more jobs, stronger economy) instead of the “culture war” issues that they have predominantly pushed the past decade or two.

    What I want to see is both the White House and the Congress work together to solve the big issues instead of letting the non-important stuff get in the way.


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