About Me and the Blog

Greetings and salutations!

My name is Frank Vicari.  I am a male in my mid-40’s and over the past few years, I’ve gotten more and more interested in politics. Not just the policies that have shaped our country or will change it in the future, but in the people as well.

I feel that more often these days, people are becoming polarized and opinionated about politics. Its becoming more difficult to have an open discussion without people frothing at the mouth and thumping their chests. Mind you, its good to be energized about whichever side of the isle you are on. The problem is that there are both good and bad ideas on either side and these days you can’t just take your side as the only way to solve the problems we’re facing as a nation.

We need places that we can openly discuss the good and bad coming from both the Conservatives and the Liberals without the discussion breaking down. I would like for this to be one of those places.

So, roll up your sleeves and put on your thinking caps….lets start being frank about politics.






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