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Because the subject of politics can inspire some people to post first and ask questions never, I feel that there needs to be a few ground rules before getting started…

1)  No anonymous comments — One of my favorite book series is The Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes.  It’s the story of a family from the mid 1700’s through the early 20th century. The founder of the family took a Latin motto and made it a part of the family crest, “Cape Locum Et Fac Vestigium” which means, “Take a Stand, and Make a Mark”.  If you want to comment here, don’t comment anonymously.  If you feel that strongly about it that you want to say something (and I highly encourage you to do so), then take your stand and make your mark.

2) Comments will be previewed —  I want people to comment.  I’m putting the effort into this blog so that people have a place to comment.  Now, you may ask why I’ll be approving comments before publishing them, and its not why you think.

First off, spam is both a lunch meat and nasty stain on the communication value of the internet.  I won’t have any of that here (the comment – you can have all the lunch meat you want).  Also, I will not tolerate any personal attacks on anyone who posts here.  The only way that I can make sure of that is to preview comments first.  I encourage logical, fact-based discourse.  I encourage people regardless of their political viewpoint to make a statement about what they read here.  What I don’t want is for people to be attacked because of it.

3) Leave your prejudices and bigotry at home — This is my blog and my effort.  I don’t tolerate bigots in my life and won’t tolerate them here.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for articles please email me at fapolitics@gmail.com.




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